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ChangeWorq is an independent Workplace Strategy & Change Management Consultancy. We are a data driven practice, helping our clients re-invent how their staff work, defining the optimal mix of spaces to enable more effective business results.

Think of us as a consultancy that focuses on “How it Works” rather than the traditional design focused approach of “How it Looks”.

Through our strategy work, we help our clients align their workplace to their organisational strategy, brand and culture.  We create spaces that empower and energise your people and increase the value derived from your real estate investment.  By modelling the impact of workplace change and headcount growth, we can future-proof your workplace and create a space that helps you become an employer of choice. 

Neil Salton
Managing Director

Neil is an independent Business Strategy and Change Consultant.  His work is wide-ranging, including Workplace Strategy, Change Management, Technology and Organisational Culture.  His business experience (beyond the world of workplace strategy and design), means that he can align business strategy to design outcomes far more effectively.

His evidence-based approach ensures that strategy and design decisions are well informed and constantly viewed through the lens of enabling positive change.

His strategy work is diverse, covering Activity Based Working (ABW) implementation, Real Estate Scenario Modelling, Workplace Assessments, Design Briefing, Change Management, and Communications.

The projects span a variety of sectors including Commercial Workplace, Retail and Tertiary Education.  Neil is an excellent communicator and facilitator and is very experienced in engaging at every level in the business

Neil has lived in Singapore since 2008 and has delivered many projects around the world including Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, New York, Nairobi, Toronto, Montreal, Bangalore, Sydney and the UK

Neil has been a Faculty member for CoreNet Global on Workplace Strategy & Change for many years running courses across Asia, Europe and Australasia.  He is a regular public speaker and conference panellist, often taking the role of conference host and chairman, most commonly for CoreNet and WorkTech events in the region.

Natalie Chua 
Project Consultant 

Natalie is a Project Consultant at ChangeWorq and is responsible for utilisation studies, survey analytics and project management.  Bringing knowledge and experience from her graduate studies in Psychology, she supports change activities such as interviews, workshops, townhalls, and supports clients in producing change communication material. 

Natalie joined ChangeWorq in 2019 and has been involved in a number of projects for Multinational Corporations across Asia.

She is particularly interested in the behavioural dynamics of the workplace and the human dimensions of leading change.  Drawing from her graduate studies, specifically her knowledge in Behavioural Psychology and Data Analytics, she adds to these stories of workplace and organisational transformation.


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